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About Me Jeffrey Meier

In 2014, I completed my PhD at The University of Texas at Austin. My thesis had to do with low-dimensional topology and knot theory and was supervised by Cameron McA. Gordon. Since then, I have held positions at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana (2014-2017); the Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, in Bonn, Germany (Fall 2016); and the University of Georgia, in Athens, Georgia (2017 - 2019).

Before going to Texas, I completed my Masters degree at The University of Nevada at Reno. It was there that I had my first exposure to the captivating world of topology, and I completed my thesis under the direction of Stanislav Jabuka.

In addition to majoring in math at California State University, Long Beach, I also majored in Spanish and minored in chemistry. During 2005-2006, my wife (Sarah) and I lived in Puntarenas, Costa Rica and San Sebastián, Spain. Since then, we have traveled to over 20 countries together, and I have studied German, Basque, French, and Hungarian to varying degrees.

In July of 2015, Sarah and I welcomed our son, Evan, into the world. He enjoys reading, baking, and playing blocks. Evan's little brother, Elliott, was born in October of 2018.

Hiking in the French Alps with Sarah

Alai, enjoying the fresh ocean air during a drive along
the north coast of California

Evan, reading his first book
about four-manifolds