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About Me Jeffrey Meier

In 2014, I completed my PhD at The University of Texas at Austin. My thesis had to do with low-dimensional topology and knot theory and was supervised by Cameron McA. Gordon. Since then, I have held positions at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana (2014-2017); the Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, in Bonn, Germany (Fall 2016); and the University of Georgia, in Athens, Georgia (2017 - present).

Before going to Texas, I completed my Masters degree at The University of Nevada at Reno. It was there that I had my first exposure to the captivating world of topology, and I completed my thesis under the direction of Stanislav Jabuka.

In addition to majoring in math at California State University, Long Beach, I also majored in Spanish and minored in chemistry. During 2005-2006, my wife (Sarah) and I lived in Puntarenas, Costa Rica and San Sebastián, Spain. Since then, we have traveled to over 20 countries together, and I have studied German, Basque, French, and Hungarian to varying degrees.

In July of 2015, Sarah and I welcomed our son, Evan, into the world. He enjoys reading, baking, and playing blocks.

Hiking in the French Alps with Sarah

Alai, enjoying the fresh ocean air during a drive along
the north coast of California

Evan, reading his first book
about four-manifolds