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Jeffrey Meier

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate at the University of Georgia. Previously, I was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow and Zorn Postdoctoral Fellow at Indiana University. I earned my PhD in Mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin under the supervision of Cameron McA. Gordon in May, 2014. For a full history, see my CV.

My research interests include manifold theory and knot theory in dimensions three and four. Recently, I have been studying an assortment of low-dimensional objects: trisections of 4-manifolds, bridge trisections of surfaces in 4-manifolds, fibered ribbon disks, doubly slice knots, and primitive/Seifert knots. For more information, see my Research Statement. My research is currently supported by NSF grant DMS-1758087.

This semester I am teaching Pre-Calculus at UGA. I also started the first-ever Directed Reading Program in the UGA Math Department. For more information about my past, present, and future involvement in undergraduate and graduate education, see my Teaching Page.

Here are some places that you can find me in the near future: